What is the development trend of new energy?

May 7, 2019


1. The development of global new energy vehicles has entered an irreversible fast lane
The future development direction of global automobiles is new energy, or electrification, which has become the consensus of countries and enterprises around the world. In the past, many countries have disputed and swayed about this point, but China’s new energy vehicle industry has been growing and has continued to reach new heights. After several years of development, the irreversible trend of new energy has basically taken shape.
2. China will be the leader for a long time
China Electric Vehicles Association of 100 Research predicts that the annual sales of new energy vehicles in China will exceed 10,000 units; From 10,000 to 10,000 vehicles, in just a few years, this development speed has created the fastest in the global new energy vehicle industry. The current ownership, growth rate and scale of the industry driven by new energy vehicles were unimaginable in the past. Taking power batteries as an example, it is expected that by this year, the installed capacity of batteries in China will reach the same level.

3. Small and medium cities and rural areas will become new market growth points
In the past, consumers in small and medium-sized cities and rural areas often chose fuel vehicles as their first vehicles. Entering the stage of rapid development of electrification, consumers’ first car is likely to be a new energy vehicle. Therefore, in the next 3 to 5 years, after large cities, small and medium-sized cities and rural areas will become the flashpoints of China’s new energy vehicle market, and become an important part of the market increment. Rural motorized travel plays a huge role.
4. China’s electric vehicles have truly entered the stage of market competition
The year was a watershed for China’s electric vehicle industry. From the perspective of the market competition pattern, the annual financial subsidies will all be withdrawn, all car companies will be on the same policy starting line, and the competition will be more intense. After the subsidy is withdrawn, newly launched models will also appear, especially foreign brands. In 2019, China’s new energy vehicle market will enter a stage where new models and new brands emerge together.
5. Vehicle electrification and intelligence are officially combined into one
In the past 10 years, the theme of change in the automotive industry has been electrification. In the next stage, the theme of change will be intelligence based on electrification. The popularity of electrification is driven by intelligence. Pure electric vehicles will not become a market selling point. Only smarter vehicles will be the focus of competition. On the other hand, only electric vehicles can embed intelligent technology more completely, and the best carrier of intelligent technology is the electrification platform. Therefore, intelligence will be accelerated on the basis of electrification, and the “two modernizations” will be formally integrated in automobiles.

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