October 25, 2022

Solar energy is an incredible type of renewable energy and energy source that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. More and more homeowners have discovered the true benefits of solar energy. However, like all other energy sources, there are advantages and disadvantages of their use. The advantages and disadvantages of this modern power source are listed.

Advantages of solar energy

1. renewable. 

First, our planet will never run out of solar energy in the sun dies. On the other hand, it soon runs out of non-renewable energy sources such as coal, fossil fuels and nuclear energy. According to NASA, the sun will live another 5 billion years from now. Do not worry.

2. plentiful. 

The potential of this renewable resource is unimaginable.

The surface of the Earth receives more than 120,000 terawatts of energy, resulting in 20,000 years of energy for the actual application.

3. environment. 

We can use as much of it as you want without contamination. This is a very important in the fight against the climate crisis step.

4. sustainable. Another advantage is that it can meet the needs of this generation and generations to come.

5.Low energy costs. Owners can enjoy reduced electricity bills if they

choose to go outside the network. They can also enjoy various incentives and agreements to finance the purchase of a new solar system.

6. Can be used for more purposes. Finally, one of the most exciting

benefits of  is that it has many applications. Mankind uses solar to generate electricity in remote areas of energy, space satellites power, heat swimming pools and even distill deep water in Africa. In addition, solar energy can be used for electrical appliances, recharge and store up electricity.

The disadvantages of solar energy

– Huge initial investment. Although the price of solar panels has dropped by over 40% in the last couple of years, they are still expensive compared to traditional sources of renewable energy

– Intermittent. Another drawback that must be mentioned in the pros and cons of solar energy article is that access to sunlight is limited. For example, on cloudy days or at night, the efficiency of a solar panel

falls below 1%.

– Require a lot of space. Solar farms require much space, either on

the roof of the building or on the patio.

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