What are the precautions for new energy power batteries?

March 2, 2022

The fate of new energy vehicles depends on the source of power, so there are naturally many precautions for this battery. Next time, let’s accompany the editor to ask about the precautions for the battery of the new energy vehicle in an instant.
1. Slow charge, full charge and full discharge at least once a week. Maintaining sufficient power for new energy vehicles is the ultimate maintenance. Regardless of whether a lithium battery or a lithium iron phosphate battery is used in the first year of the year, it has a good protection against overcharging. For some reason, frequent charging will not have a large silent impact on the life of the dry battery. On the contrary, the loss of electricity has a huge impact on the battery pack. Therefore, if the new energy vehicle needs to be parked for a long time, it is necessary to charge and maintain the battery regularly.
2. Deep discharge is strictly prohibited, and it is recommended to charge the vehicle when the power cannot reach 20%. If the vehicle’s electricity is completely used up, the dry battery will be over-discharged, and the battery efficiency will plummet.
3. When charging in winter, try to choose to just drive from now on. Such batteries will have a nice temperature, so that the temperature will not be too low, and the charging speed will be comparable.

4. Vehicles that are usually charged in the mothers, ask for the number of years to go to the regular auxiliary charging station to use the fast charging pile for charging. In this way, the back wave can push the vitality of the lithium ions in the front wave battery pack.
5. Do your best to use the grounding treasure when charging. The grounding treasure is beyond its power to show the real grounding meaning. If the charger is powered off from time to time, it may attract electric shocks. In this regard, the ground wire is urgently needed to play a security role when charging.
6. Charge in the high temperature in the hot season. It is recommended to extend the charging after parking for half an hour, so that the temperature in the power battery can be moderated. When the weather is cold in winter, you can charge it quickly after parking, so that the temperature inside the dry battery is not as close to zero.
To sum up, there are many problems in the charging of new energy vehicles. However, sooner or later, you should pay attention to the safety of charging. Whether you need to go to a regular charging pile or a charging station for charging, you should never go to an informal place for charging. It is important to note that there is no flying cable charging, and such charging methods are likely to cause delays to your car.


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