AC 7KW Wallbox Wall-mounted EV Charger

AC 7KW Wallbox Wall-mounted EV Charger

 ● Delicate appearance, simple operation, convenient installation;

 ● High efficiency, reliable and stable performance;

 ● Friendly interaction interface, 4.3-inch color touch screen(optional);

 ● Home charger is the single-phase 7kW AC charger with maximum 32A output current, specially designed for private use.

 ● Support type1,type2 ,Chademo,GB/T connector(or socket)optional;

 ● The charger is equipped with RFID card function for ID authentication to prevent theft of electricity. Only the user with RFID card has access to the charging.

 ● Adopt flame retardant ABS housing

 ● Logo,color ,functions ects are customizable

 ● CE ROHS certified 

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