People’s Automobile Federation seizes the independent after-sales track of new

November 8, 2022

In 2021, my country’s new energy vehicle industry will show a rapid growth trend, and the automotive aftermarket has also entered the stage of growth layout. The Internet-connected car aftermarket service platform, Commonwealth Automobile Association, has accelerated the layout of a new track for independent after-sales of new energy vehicles, and improved the current status of new energy vehicle maintenance services in third-, fourth-, and fifth-tier cities.

One side is the rapid development of the new energy vehicle market, and the other side is the vast space of the new energy vehicle after-sales market. Driven by market interests, more and more traditional auto repair shops are trying to enter the field of after-sales maintenance of new energy vehicles and explore new business growth points.

Although the future market space for new energy vehicle maintenance is large, it is not easy to achieve business layout. The core reason is that it is difficult for a single store to have a series of capabilities such as manufacturer authorization, personnel training, and venue equipment construction.

It is understood that the failure problems of new energy vehicles mainly include batteries, motors, and electronic controls. To undertake new energy battery maintenance business, three core technical capabilities are required:

First, the battery analysis ability. Relevant data show that battery failures account for 50% due to unbalanced charging and discharging. The cause can be solved by analyzing, balancing and upgrading the battery.

Second, the ability to disassemble the battery. New energy maintenance has strict requirements on power management, cell processing and professional equipment provision: due to the characteristics of high combustion, high corrosion and high pollution of batteries, special treatment should be done at the battery processing station.

Third, store dismantling and loading capacity. This part involves basic elements such as technician training, facility improvement and quality assurance. Different from the traditional fuel vehicle maintenance that focuses on the mechanical structure, the maintenance of new energy vehicles requires complex technical talents, not only to understand traditional machinery, but also to obtain a nationally certified electrician certificate, and to have a certain understanding of digital and confidence fields. 

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