Traffic jams on the road, electric vehicle travel anxiety has not been cured

August 23, 2019

Nowadays, the National Day holiday has become the best time for Chinese people to travel. With the popularity of private cars, especially the development of electric vehicles, people have begun to use electric vehicles as the main tool for self-driving. It can be said that this year’s 11th Golden Week is a concentrated test of the range of electric vehicles.

But no one thought that when the cruising range of electric vehicles is increasing, people’s travel anxiety has not been fundamentally resolved. The main reason is that the development of electric vehicles only considers the long-distance travel possible, but does not consider the long-distance travel. The “come on” question in the line.

According to media reports, during the Golden Week of this year, electric vehicles had a problem of concentrated “collapse”, and it was not a problem of cruising range, but a problem of how to maintain continuous navigation.

According to consumers’ feedback, the “Shengjing” on the highway during the November holiday was “either looking for piles or on the road.” A car owner said that on October 1, he returned to Hunan from Shenzhen, but he did not expect The original 8-hour drive took 16 hours in the end. The main reason for this situation is to line up in the service area to charge the car. “Queued for 4 hours, charged for 1 hour” swiped the screen on the social platform. “High-speed charging is difficult during holidays” once rushed to the hot search. The owner said that he would not even dare to go to the bathroom during the waiting time, for fear of being cut in the queue.

In this regard, many new energy vehicle owners have expressed the same point of view-”Electric vehicles are driven in cities, so don’t go on high speeds.”

Industry insiders said that with the rapid increase in the number of new energy vehicles, the improvement of the new energy charging and replenishing system has been put on the agenda. At present, the development of new energy vehicles is still in its infancy, and there is a lot of room for improvement, such as chips, batteries, battery life, etc., but without solving the problem of charging electric vehicles on highways, can new energy vehicles “running farther”? ?

According to official data, as of August 2021, the cumulative number of charging infrastructure in the country was 2.105 million units, an increase of 52.3% year-on-year. Combined with the data of 6.78 million new energy vehicles, the ratio of vehicles to piles is less than 3:1.

It is worth mentioning that at the World New Energy Conference in September this year, Xin Baoan, chairman of the State Grid Corporation of China, also said in a high-profile manner that the completion of the highway charging network of “ten verticals, ten horizontals and two loops” will enable electric vehicles to “recover.” Home, you can get out of the city, and you can get to the village.”

Obviously, such a vision has not stood the test.

“China has a vast land and resources. As long as it is a long-distance trip, it is inevitable to refuel and charge. Compared with the improvement of gas stations, the lack of charging piles is obviously an important factor restricting the long-distance travel of electric vehicles.” Industry insiders said.

The person also said that the main reasons for the prominent contradictions in the loading piles on the National Day Expressway are that the number of charging piles is not enough to cope with the sudden increase in demand; the second is that the quality of the charging pile supply side cannot be guaranteed, and consistency and integrity cannot be guaranteed. The third is that the number of high-power fast charging piles is small and the waiting time is long.

Of course, consumers will not consider these in-depth layouts. In their view, if electric vehicles cannot satisfy the family’s long-distance travel, there is no point in buying. A consumer said, “Now that life is better, the car is useful for daily commuting, and we also have to travel with the family. I can’t buy a car that can only be driven in the city.”

It is the wish of many consumers to travel as smoothly as a fuel car.

Indeed, with the current development of new energy vehicles, it is not easy to meet the battery life of the vehicle and the layout of the charging pile at the same time, but in terms of the development goals of electric vehicles, the two must be developed at the same time. It is a problem for car companies and even the whole society.

“We should adopt changes to improve the endurance of mainstream models, improve the charging capacity of charging piles, introduce charging shunt guidance, and other diversified solutions to solve the problem of difficult high-speed charging.” The suggestions given by Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the Association of Passengers, may become the foundation for the development of electric vehicles. Sexual approach.

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